Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Space, Bebo and Facebook

My Space - a very social site for sharing an interest with the rest of the world - I looked at Matching music interests - Blues and Jazz. I didn't like the page set up very much.

Bebo - In my opinion I thought Bebo was for the more serious people wanting to share with friends. The site has more friendly things to see and work with. A better page set up and easier to work in than My Space.

Facebook - A site for real friends to get together. Thankyou Web 2 people for making sense of the whole exercise by being there as a friend when you signed in. I couldn't download a picture into my profile, but can work on that later.

The whole exercise took so much time as you had to join up to everything, then go back to your Blog mail and confirm your joining. Normally one at a time is OK, but when there are 3 sites, it was frustrating.

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