Sunday, August 31, 2008

Search for RSS Feeds

I found the site the easiest to use as I like to see as much as possible on each page. I hate seeing just a few items on the page and having to scroll down over and over again to get to end of the info.

They are all interesting in their own way - it is just a personal liking as how you want to receive the news items.

RSS Feeds and newsreaders

Wow, I was very apprehensive about this exercise but now that I have had it all explained to me I can't wait until I get home and find all the interesting sites I have saved onto my Favourites or in My Computer as I didn't know how else to save them for further use.

This makes it so easy to go straight to those favourite updated sites that you constantly visit without all the other buttons and "hooha" you have to go through - without any guarantee of ever getting there anyway.

Thankyou - thankyou - thankyou - you have saved me and I am sure everyone else who is doing this programme, hours of frustration by adding this as one of our Exercises

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Technology - what a word - it describes all those things that you try to avoid the older you get, as you think they are too advanced for your slow thinking and dumb mind.

But wait !!!! There is hope, as long as there are very very very patient people out there who are prepared to wait for us oldies to catch up with this new mind set into new technology.

Eventually we will be successful, and as we conquer one thing another challenge comes before us and away we go all over again!!

They say to keep our minds alive as we get older we need to keep excercising them, now all we have to do is to get a line onto a new product in the market and we will be living forever!!


This was an interesting excercise.

There is so much to do for crafts peoples imagination. But to do this properly you will need to open a Flickr account.

Something to think about for the creative mind and for those who like making gifts for others.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finding interesting photos on Flickr

Wow, what a fantistic new world. Flickr has really opened my eyes as to what photos people are prepared to share with the world - what generosity for those of us whose feet are firmly locked into the ground in our fabulous country - it gives us an insight as to what is out there in other peoples' worlds without having to organise time off work or worry about whether the plane or ship getting us there is going to go down - or whether we are about to speak their language enough to even find the 'toilet' - or the 'bus stop'. I am really going to be an armchair Flickr computer potato whenever I have a spare moment - especially with our wet weekends we are having at the moment.

Just imagine the feeling of this little person dangling their feet in a pond full of tiny fish - the creepy crawly tickly emotion going through their body as the fish swim around and try to nibble their toes - what a wonderful experience for them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grannys First thoughts


This is a fantastic occasion.

A granny being able to create a "Post on a Blog".

My kids and grandkids will be impressed!

I was really unsure as to what all the terminology meant, but now, thanks to Karen, I am an achiever - what a moment in the life of............

Till my next episode - everyone - have a great day!!