Sunday, September 28, 2008


From 12th August until today. Wow - what an amazing learning programme you ladies on the team have created for us.

I was so apprehensive about the whole programme, it took me until August to even have a go at the first exercise. Now I can't wait to get home and get onto my favourite sites so I can expand on what I did in the exercises.

I loved RSS Feeds and newsreaders, Sandbox Wiki, Rollyo, Zoho writer, Youtube and Podcasts. I will definately use these sites in the future for all sorts of things. The other sites I may return to at some future time, but it is great just knowing that they are out there to use.

When I see some of the things we learned in the exercises on my home computer I now have more courage to try them - without thinking that the computer will blow up!!!!

A huge "THANKYOU" for keeping on our backs and making us feel like losers if we didn't complete the programme in time - NAH!! not really - it was our choice too - and your encouragement - which make us "ACHIEVERS"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Social networking

List of Libraries using MySpace - great place for library teens to check out library things but date of modification was 2006. 'Recent changes' was the only updated section on the navigation box. Nothing in 'Current events'. - I didn't like this site.

Libraries get social - a positive site. Many suggestions on how to get teens actively involved in their library. - One suggestion is a site where the teens can actively plan the site and update it as they wish within the online safety guidelines.

They can also set up a 'Library friends' page or a 'My Space' account.

A great sociable site for a teenager who is not able to physically meet other teenagers at a library, for whatever reason, but is able to connect through their computer.

I only wish this sort of socialising was around when I was a teenager!!!

My Space, Bebo and Facebook

My Space - a very social site for sharing an interest with the rest of the world - I looked at Matching music interests - Blues and Jazz. I didn't like the page set up very much.

Bebo - In my opinion I thought Bebo was for the more serious people wanting to share with friends. The site has more friendly things to see and work with. A better page set up and easier to work in than My Space.

Facebook - A site for real friends to get together. Thankyou Web 2 people for making sense of the whole exercise by being there as a friend when you signed in. I couldn't download a picture into my profile, but can work on that later.

The whole exercise took so much time as you had to join up to everything, then go back to your Blog mail and confirm your joining. Normally one at a time is OK, but when there are 3 sites, it was frustrating.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


When I looked at the Google Book Search it went straight to various categories which you could highlight and find books of interest to you.

Then when I inserted the words 'Works by Shakespeare' in the top toolbar, the first 10 of 427555 items on 'Works byShakespeare' appeared. I didn't bother scrolling down to the last title. I reckon you would need to know the exact ebook you wanted as the site is so large.

The list didn't seem to be in any order but you could look at 3 different views. Each viewing box itemized the titles in a different format. The same extra tabs were on each viewing.

To me it was all a very uninteresting subject - too big, but a wonderful site for resourcing ebooks.


What a time waster - great for newbies like me who thought you needed an iPod to be able to listen to things on the computer. I knew it could be done, and now I know how- many thanks!!!!!

Podcastalley - PodQuiz - weekly trivia quiz - is a fantastic site for those of you who are interested in listening to 20 questions, then at the end the correct answers are given.

Amazingly the broadcaster even got one wrong and so had to apologize at the beginning of the next session and give the correct answer.

Very easy to use and thanks to NSL Learning 2.0 teams instructions, so easy to copy the link into your Bloglines account.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


A fantastic site to visit.

One of the things I really enjoy in YouTube is where you are able to watch short videos about a subject you are interested in.

e.g. DIY Musical instruments. There are 40 videos to watch on this subject alone.
From banjos made from biscuit tins to flutes made from different vegetables.

I think a library video that included some fun things would appeal to children along with the info on books on the subject matter and where they were available in their library system.

Web 2.0 Awards list

I visited the TeamSnap site.

It is a great site for managing sports teams. I liked every aspect of the site, it is so easy to shift between pages and update the information as you need to.

There is no installation required, so as long as everyone in the 'team' checks the schedule before events happen there should be no reason for anyone not to know exactly what is happening.

One of the categories could be useful for staff in libraries - e.g. Co-ordinate bringing drinks and refreshments for........

Zoho Writer



this has more interesting toolbars than the normal word document.

It is so easy to use as well


This has come through from the Zoho writer site itself - amazing isn't it!!!!!


Search rolls are an amazing creation. I found it so interesting and easy to use, especially when you want to group a list of things you are interested in into one easy site for future reference.

Creating a search roll was easy, it was the time you spent deciding what sites you wanted to keep that was the problem without making your list too long.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Library Thing

Library Thing is such an easy way to list all those books you thing you would like to read or look into at a later date.

Amazon is such a huge site and in most cases their descriptions are enough for you to know whether you want to look further into the book or not.

Such a difference from looking up a title and having to wait until it arrives to see whether you really do want to read it or not.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Image Generators

This image generator is a fabulous way to create all sorts of interesting images. - is the site I used for this image.

Very easy and lots of fun

Learning 2.0 Sandbox wiki

Wowwee, what a fabulous site this Sandbox wiki is.

Even for - 'what to have for dinner tonight' - just look in the Favourite recipes to get hints on new ideas.

Just look in the 'favourite' anything and the next thing you know an enjoyable hour has gone by with no stress or hassles - the site is so easy to use.

And the thought of others sharing their 'Favourites' online from anywhere in the world and you being able to add to that list is quite remarkable.

A big eye opener for my simplistic thoughts about what is out there!

Learning about wikis

A great site for anyone who wishes to share ideas on a special subject.

Like another blogger suggested - a one-stop-shop created for people who have a special subject they want to share their ideas on and get others to join them.

An ongoing site with new and updated information being added by anyone at any time just by editing, creating new links and saving this info.

A very time consuming but enjoyable, interesting and fun site to be involved in.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0

In my opinion, all of the perspectives from the OCLS Next Space Newsletter point towards the library on-line sites (Web sites) - rather than the library buildings themselves being the focus point of the majority of its users.

Librarians of the future will need to be trained tour guides. Whether they are answering questions on line or on the floor.

Whichever chair they are sitting in - they will be guiding the future users through all the aspects of finding the information they want.

There will be a need for the print collection but how much and in what format will be the questions on Acquisitions and Collection Management Librarians' minds.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Blog Directory - is very easy to see and use for all topics. The thumbnails are an interesting concept but not much information is given on the topic.

Popular blog, searches and tags - Related tags list is very easy to look through. The word you chose to look at is highlighted throughout the blog.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This is another site which will save a lot of time and effort when trying to remember where you saved special interest items.

Much like your favourites, but by putting them into categories using the tags you can find all the items from the various bookmarks at the same time.

Fantastic filing system